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Cats are the best kind of therapy

(and shopping…lots of shopping).

Cat Therapy was created as a place for cat lovers to get advice and inspiration for modern, stylish living with your pet. Whether you’re searching for DIY cat furniture that will match your decor or a treat recipe to train your cat tricks, we aim to make life with your cat fun and simple.

our team
Women holding a black and white cat
Hayley Williams
Founder + Editor

Hayley is a graphic designer and cat lover. She loves searching for great products, learning new tricks and finding other ways to enrich her own cats’ lives and wanted to share it with others.

Black and white cat laying in a chair
Treat tester

Luna is a sweetheart once you get to know her. She taste tests everything (even inedible objects). When not seeking out healthy treats, she can be found window watching and chattering at the pigeons.

Brown tabby cat sitting in a bandana
toy + fashion expert

Leon is the kind of guy you could have a beer with. He’s always wearing the latest on-trend bandana or bowtie and is an expert in the hunt for the best toys. When not on the job he likes to sleep on cardboard boxes.