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About Cat Therapy

Cat Therapy was created as a resource for stylish living with your cat. Whether you want to learn how to design a cat shelf wall that will match your home decor or are searching for aesthetic cat products, my goal is to make life with your cat more enjoyable.

Our Team

Women holding a black and white cat

Hayley Williams

The cat shelf lady

Hayley is a cat shelf layout designer and has over 9 years of experience working with cats. She enjoys helping cat guardians design aesthetic homes full of enrichment for cats.

Black and white cat laying in a chair


chief feline officer

Luna is the cat who started it all. She is adamant about adhering to proper grooming standards and dedicated to spreading joy through her presence.

Brown tabby cat sitting in a bandana


director of naptime

Leon is in charge of strategizing prime nap time locations and the most optimal ways to sleep comfortably. He also regularly tests cat shelf durability and inspects DIY projects.