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How to Style Your Litter Box to Match Your Home Aesthetic

published on
January 1, 2023
Hayley Williams
Table of Contents
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Here’s the dirt on litter boxes. We love to hate them, however they are a necessary part of owning an indoor cat. So how can you make your litter box more attractive you might ask? Check out my tips for styling a litter box to match your home aesthetic and have it blend in with your decor.

Choose an aesthetic litter box

The most important aspect of a great litter box set-up is the box itself. Taking time to find a litter box that meets both you and your cat’s needs is the most important aspect of living with a cat — meaning we want them to be happy too so that they use it. Check out our litter box post here from uncovered litter boxes for large cats to covered boxes for small cats.

Have a quality disposal system

Next on the list of must-haves is a solid disposal system. It’s just not practical to use grocery bags every time you need to scoop the box, especially if you have more than one cat. And trust me I’ve tried just a regular trash can next to the box. It just doesn’t work. The key to a good disposal system is a waste bin specifically designed to lock in odors and keep you from having to go to the bin every day similar to a diaper pail. Here are a couple options:

SHOP: Litter Genie

SHOP: Litter Locker

SHOP: Modkat Litter Keeper

We personally use a Litter Genie, check out our review here.

Cat feet on the lid of a litter box

Choose a low dust and tracking litter

A low dust and tracking litter is important for keeping litter from under foot. Here are a couple to try:

Smart Cat Litter is a grass seed litter that’s very low dust and no extra scent which can be harsh on a cat's senses and deter them from using the box. It does tend to track more than a bigger pellet but it's better than clay litters by a long shot. We personally use Smart Cat Litter at the moment, check out our review here.

SHOP: Smart Cat Litter

This soybean byproduct litter is low dust and tracking and also contains charcoal for odor control.

SHOP: Tuft + Paw Litter

Have a cat that is having trouble using the box. It could be the substrate. A lot of rescues swear by Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Litter.

SHOP: Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Litter

Have a mini vacuum or broom nearby

Despite our best efforts to choose a great litter box and a low tracking litter, cats are just masters of getting it outside the box. That’s why it’s important to have a convenient broom or vacuum nearby for quick clean up — preferably one that is low profile or well designed. Here are some of my picks:

SHOP: Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum

SHOP: Mini Broom + Dustpan

Black and white cat sitting next to a litter box on a rug

Add a rug

While litter mats work, I find that they stick out and are not all that easy to clean. The litter stays stuck in the grooves of the mat. That’s why I would opt for a rug – preferably one that’s washable or easy to clean. It not only keeps litter from tracking but visually grounds the litter box area in an aesthetically pleasing way.

A gallery wall of cat themed wall art

Add some artwork or wallpaper

Art can really complete a space. So why not pick a fun wall print for your set-up or a gallery wall. Here are some fun cat-themed prints I found:

SHOP: I Love Doodle

SHOP: StoneFoxesUK

Add some greenery

Whether faux or real, greenery can bring your space to life. And your house panther can enjoy the outdoors inside their safe space. Just make sure any real plants you choose are cat-friendly and non-toxic.

I hope these tips for making your litter box more attractive help you towards creating a space you both enjoy. You and your cat deserve a nice home.

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