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How to Stop my Cat from Scratching

published on
October 22, 2022
Hayley Williams
Table of Contents
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This is one of the number one googled issues out there for cat owners. So here's my suggestions for reducing scratching.



Probably the most used material for scratchers. I’ve seen some cats love it and some not care for it in certain forms. For example, my cats ignore it when it’s a mat made of sisal. But if it’s a vertical pole they will scratch it. That’s why we have a sisal rug that’s both durable for our pets and stylish. The sisal rug is a thicker weave too and I think that makes a difference on their desire to scratch not scratch it.


The second most used material among scratchers should not be ignored – especially since it’s a cheap and readily available material. Cardboard scratchers are great in that they come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as vertical and horizontal options. And lastly they are cheap and easy to replace when they become worn down.

Velvet & Leather

Couches and chairs are normally the go to for cats whenever they don’t have the proper scratching alternatives. Try velvet, leather or even microfiber instead of traditional fabric couches which is going be very hard for your cat to ignore. Before making such a big purchase make sure your cat ignores these sorts of fabrics. Try a swatch on your couch or even buy a cheaper pleather couch before making the investment.


Sometimes if your cat won’t leave a material alone, it’s best to go with the flow and embrace the material. Carpet for example, is a favorite for most cats. That’s why we cover our cat trees in it however unsightly they may be. If they won’t leave your carpet alone, give them their own. Whether that be a wall of carpet squares or carpet covered wall shelves. It’s a material they can really sink their claws in to.


Have a mix of vertical and horizontal scratchers. Stretching is such an important part of why cats scratch in the first place so make sure your scratchers are long and/or tall enough for them to get in a good stretch of those all important muscles.


In the case of scratchers its normally quantity of quality that cats care about. It’s also important to have at least one in almost every room of the house that the cat(s) spend time in. Especially by any problem areas you might have like by the couch or near carpet.


When you feel like you’ve tried everything don’t lose hope. There’s always something else to try. However, sometimes it’s more about damage control. You can try nail caps, clear acrylic couch corner protectors, carpet squares screwed on the wall or even stylish blankets draped on the couch or rugs on the carpet.

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