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Stylish Top Entry Litter Box For Modern Cats

published on
April 24, 2020
Hayley Williams
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The best litter box is one we don't have to hide and that we and our cats like to use. That's why Modkat is my go to stylish litter box.




Modkat XL or Modkat

One of the things that cat lovers probably hate the most (maybe even more than cat hair) is the litter box ­— the smell, the look and litter seemingly everywhere.

I came across a litter box designer called Modkat and decided to try out some of their products. They have several different designs at different price points. To see their complete line up check out their comparison guide.

This post is about the original Modkat. We’ve had it for about two years now and we still love it!

modkat litter box review


What drew me to the Modkat was it’s sleek, modern design. It blended in seamlessly with the rest of my decor. In fact, it doesn’t really look like a litter box at all. Many of my guests don’t notice it at first and are always surprised to find out it’s a litter box. If you don’t like the look of white, it comes in lots of other fun colors to match your home’s style and your cat’s personality.

Their functionality is another feature that intrigued me. The Modkat is a top entry litterbox with a swivel lid. This lid has holes to catch the litter as the cats leave the litter box to keep the litter in the box and off the floor. Something I think all cat owners can appreciate. The top entry keeps dogs from getting in to the litter box.

While I can’t attest to the later part, I did find that the amount of litter on the floor was greatly reduced compared to previous open litter boxes I had used.

modkat litter box review


This may be a personal preference but I don’t like the litter to touch the box directly. The plastic starts to get micro-scratches and seems to hold odor.

What I really like about this box is that it has a reusable tarp liner. I’ve only had to order replacement liners a handful of times in the two years that I’ve owned it. But it all depends on how much your cats dig. However, Modkat recommends replacing them after 3 months time to keep bacteria and odor in check.

There’s a tension band that helps keep the liner from falling. It’s not full proof as my cats like to paw the sides of the box rather than the litter but it still keeps all their business inside. I think their XL box has clips to hold it up instead of the tension band. It’s also really easy to poor all the litter out when it’s time for a deep clean vs having to pick up a heavy plastic box full of litter and trying to get it all the trash instead of all over the floor. I simply have to pick up the liner and because it’s flexible I can control how much pours out at a time.

Another thing I’ve always struggled with with previous litter boxes is where to store the scoop. With this box the scoop hangs on the side of the box. How cool is that!

If I had to pick a fault, it’s that the box itself doesn’t have holes for handles to move it easily when you need to do a quick sweep around the box with the vacuum.

modkat litter box review
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