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Supakit Collar Review

published on
April 24, 2020
Hayley Williams
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Why did you pick the collar your cat is wearing right now? Did you pick it because it was cute, because you want to protect them, all of the above? Now ask yourself this. Have you ever picked a collar out because you thought it would be comfortable for your cat to wear? I’ll be the first to admit I hadn’t, that was until I came across a brand called Supakit. Their collars have changed the way I shop for my cats and here’s why.




To browse the full range of collars and leashes and purchase your very own, visit Supakit’s store.


If you don’t yet know about Supakit then I encourage you to look them up, if only to engage in their weekly Cat Chats on Instagram. Supakit is a cat collar and harness company started in London by Leili and Kevin and supervised by their two Bengals Lola and Lyra.

I’ve been following the lovely London duo and their feline supervisors for about a year or so now. And while their collars looked high quality, I just didn’t see a need to invest in collars again because my cats were wearing some on-trend braided rope collars that were in perfectly good condition. Then this Spring I got to chatting with Leili and she offered to send me some collars to test out. I decided I had to experience these collars for myself to see how they differed from the rest.

Supakit offers collars in two types of materials – leather and waxed cotton. I appreciate this as not everyone feels comfortable buying leather. I chose the leather collar in Burgundy for Luna because I thought it would suit her dainty personality and she doesn’t go outside much. I choose the waxed cotton for Leon in Forest Green because he tends to be rougher on things, goes outside frequently, and likes to roll around on the ground a lot.


Upon arrival in the mail I was super impressed by the unboxing experience and their quality. Leon was very interested in my package, it’s like he knew it was for him. They came in these cute little tins which is especially nice for storage in case your cats are spoiled fancy like mine and wear multiple types of collars and colors.  Attached to the collars were these little gold bells, but I ended up removing them as my cats are not used to them on their collars. I’m sure they could get used to them, but I also don’t want to hear little jingles throughout the house when they get midnight zoomies.


One thing was I was a little nervous about was the quick release snap of these collars. The concept behind quick release collars is great in theory. I would be eternally grateful if one of my cats ever got themselves stuck in a situation where the collar would break away keeping them from getting strangled. At the same time the ones I had encountered in the past would pop off far too easily. I’d put it on and then find it on the ground 15 min later, which is why their previous collars had buckles. The collar essentially is the first line of defense should they get out, especially since not everyone knows to scan for a microchip. It’s not a good feeling to think they could easily lose their primary chance of getting back home safely so easily. That being said, I haven’t had any issue with finding the collar on the floor. These collars have just the right amount of friction to keep them from being really difficult to take off but not so weak that they don’t stay on.


Within the first couple weeks I noticed that Leon seemed much happier in this collar than the previous ones he’s worn. He’s gone through quite a few. But I think the rope collar was more uncomfortable for him because it didn’t lay flat. Until I had put this collar on him, I hadn’t considered comfort other than making sure they were not to tight. From now on when I buy collars one of my deciding factors will be daily comfort over trending styles, and if I do put them in a stylish collar, it won’t be used for extended periods. Another thing about Leon is that the poor guy doesn’t have much of a neck, he’s all head and shoulders so many of the collars in the past made him look neckless and bulky. This collar actually gives him a neck and makes him look sleeker, it also doesn’t pull so much on the hairs around his neck. More points for comfort!

While I saw pros and improvements from day one, I decided to wait before giving my final review and thoroughly put these collars through their paces to make sure they held up. So here we are several months later, and they look pretty much as good as new. Leon’s has some weathering as I had anticipated, but it doesn’t look rough, it just has more character than before. Luna’s looks the same as the day I put it on. She’s not very hard on things unless she has a chewing fit. The jury is still out though as to whether I’m secretly raising a dog or dysfunctional cat.


In summary, I’m sold on Supakit’s cat collars, and now understand it’s worth the investment. While they sent me these collars at no cost, this is my honest review, I will definitely buy more of these collars in the future. I love the attention to detail they have put in to all their products, and how much they care about style while staying true to quality and comfort. It’s why I purchased their Gatsby Harness for Leon, and why I plan to get one for Luna as well. They put cats and their people first, and that’s a cat brand I fully support.

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