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Who is Cat Therapy?

published on
April 24, 2020
Hayley Williams
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Welcome to Cat Therapy. For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with animals, especially cats. They are our best friends, inspiration and share a bond with us beyond words.

So where does this cat obsession come from? I’ve spent the last couple years earning a degree in graphic design but my first love has always been cats. Since adopting my first cats in college, I’ve been accumulating every bit of knowledge I can find about cats and their people to strengthen my relationship with my own cats and better their lives. In process I’ve met so many amazing people from industry experts to everyday cat owners. And this is what this site is about – sharing it with you. This is a blog for every kind of cat person, from the cat curious to the “crazy” cat dads and moms.

If you’re here, your cat is an important member of your family. Whether it’s one that knocks off your glass of water, has 4am zoomies, or snuggles up with you in bed every night, your cat is loved. On this site I want you to celebrate the fun, the beauty and the adorableness of being a cat owner. I want you to find a community here where people love their cats and want to share their thoughts, stories, frustrations, suggestions and opinions. I want you to discover new products, tips, and ideas all about keeping you and your best friend happy.

So welcome, please stay a while, never be afraid to comment, and enjoy all things cat related.

Catastrophic x Cat Therapy logos

Want to win a custom cat wall makeover?

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