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Cat Stocking Stuffer Ideas 2022

published on
October 30, 2022
Hayley Williams
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This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure for more information.

Need some cat stocking stuffer ideas for your favorite feline? We’ve taken the time to hunt down the best Christmas stocking stuffer cat gifts so you can treat your cat this holiday.

a red cat collar with a quick release clip

Supakit Cat Collar

Supakit’s Scarlett leather collar is a gorgeous color for the holidays and it’s a lovely pop of color to wear all year long. Check out my in-depth review of the Supakit Collar.

SHOP NOW: Supakit Cat Collar

Black cat paws playing with white and black springs and irregular shaped balls

Meow Collective Cat Toys

These beautiful toys are crafted from plastic pulled directly from our oceans. My cats are obsessed with them and I’m not bothered by them strewn across the floor because they’re so pretty.

SHOP NOW: Meow Collective Cat Toys

A bag of liquid cat treat tubes

INABA Churu Cat Treats

If your cats are as obsessed with Churu as mine are you might want to slide some in their stocking. They’re great for training your cat to do tricks or just because they were on the nice list this year.

SHOP NOW: INABA Churu Cat Treats

a cat wearing a green bandana with floral patterns

Made by Cleo Eden Cat Bandana

Let’s face it, a cat needs options! Made by Cleo gives you endless ways to showcase you and your cat’s unique personalities. Your cat will look as chic as can be in this evergreen over-the-collar bandana.

SHOP NOW: Made by Cleo Eden Cat Bandana

a bag of christmas themed catnip treats

Bocce’s Bakery Lumps of Catnip

Is your cat always on the naughty list because they’re hangry? Then perhaps they need these Lumps of Catnip from Bocce’s Bakery to lighten their mood.

SHOP NOW: Bocce’s Bakery Lumps of Catnip

A cat toy wand with a mouse on the end of a metal string

Go Cat Cat Catcher Wand

Cat Catcher is a popular interactive toy wand for cats from Go Cat. This one in particular features a mouse for endless hours of play after they lose interest in the wrapping paper and boxes.

SHOP NOW: Go Cat Cat Catcher Wand

A cat playing with a banana shaped toy plush

Yeowww! Catnip Yellow Banana Cat Toy

This catnip toy has raving reviews from owners and cats alike. Made from durable cotton twill and colored using natural vegetable or soy based colors. My cat Leon literally started drooling around this toy and was obsessed with rubbing on it.

SHOP NOW: Yewoww! Catnip Yellow Banana Cat Toy

Two gingerbread and a milk carton plush

Frisco Holiday Milk & Cookies Plush

Whilst your feline may not be able to leave out real milk and cookies for Santa, rest assured they will sling this plush set around the house – the milk even crinkles.

SHOP NOW: Frisco Holiday Milk & Cookies Plush

A cat looking at some leather and cork toy balls

Filo Cat Toy Ball

Looking for a toy that matches your decor that won't stick out when the cats sling them about the house? The Filo Cat Toy Ball is the perfect stocking stuffer. The ball is made of cork and vegetable tanned leather to provide your cat with a long-lasting and natural toy.

SHOP NOW: Miacara's Filo Cat Toy Ball

A cat holding a grey plush cloud with a face

Style Cats Cloudy Toy

An adorable and stylish plush cat toy that you can always save for a rainy day. Great for bunny kicking and launching across the house.

SHOP NOW: Style Cats Cloudy Toy

Bonus Gift

A cat advent calendar with cat toys

Midlee's Cat Advent Calendar

Midlee’s Cat Advent Calendar is a fun way to include your cat in holiday traditions! In each tray is an exciting holiday themed cat toy. This calendar will make the countdown to Christmas Eve full of happy moments of anticipation and fun for you and your cat!

SHOP NOW: Midlee's Cat Advent Calendar

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