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Smart Cat Litter + Litter Genie Review

published on
October 22, 2022
Hayley Williams
Table of Contents
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After much trial and error, I'm sharing why I chose Smart Cat Litter and a Litter Genie and how it changed my litter box experience. I finally feel like I’ve got my litter box routine down pat, between my litter box, litter and my disposal system.


If you’re interested in buying Smart Cat Litter: CLICK HERE

If you’re interested in buying a Litter Genie: CLICK HERE


The Smart Cat Litter is made from farmed grass. It’s a very fine litter without being overly dusty. I’d liken the texture and colour to sand, except that there’s no plum of dust when you pour it in to the box. This seems to be my cats’ preference because they are not being choked by dust when they dig and it’s soft on their paws.

There’s also no fragrance since it’s a natural product and surprisingly I still smell no odors from a dirty litter box. A huge plus for cats because they don’t tend to like the fragrances we owners tend to use to mask their litter box smell – it’s harsh on their senses. Also my husband who has allergies and sensitive to smells can actually scoop this litter without coughing and sneezing.

Lastly, it also clumps and is still light weight without being heavy like traditional clay litter. It doesn’t break a part like other litters that I’ve scooped. Because of that, it makes for easy clean up and my litter lasts longer because I don’t have to change it out as often which is quite the cost savings.


The Litter Genie is a similar design to those diaper pails. It seals moisture in the bag with this locking lid system making odors stay inside. Then when it’s full there’s a cutter in the pail that cuts the liner so you can tie it off and start over. No more smelly litter box odors for me and I don’t dread scooping or taking out the litter anymore.

The company says the pail holds up to two weeks of cat litter for one cat but I found that it does the same for me with two cats. I think it depends on your cats.

I bought ours second hand as they no longer produce them in white and I wanted it to match our white Modkat litter box. But they still have them in silver and black and Modkat also comes in gray and in black so you can still colour match if you need to like I do.

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