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Cat Holiday Gifts 2022

published on
November 5, 2022
Hayley Williams
Table of Contents
This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure for more information.
Cat Therapy Gift Edit

I think this year we all need a little extra holiday cheer — even our cats. From satisfying that need to scratch something other than your couch or the best napping spot for a great cat nap, we've searched for the top cat holiday gifts for your feline this year with Cat Therapy's first Gift Edit.


A white cat scratching a cream sisal scratcher

MS!MAKE SURE Cat Scratching Post

This neutral scratcher will blend in with your decor and provide your cat with a great alternative to your couch. It has an end table mode and a horizontal mode for which ever position your cat prefers.

SHOP NOW: MS!MAKE SURE Cat Scratching Post

A white cat scratching an sisal shaped orange

VETRESKA Cat Scratching Post

This scratcher is perfect if you have a colorful home or just want a fun statement scratcher. You'll never find a cat more attracted to citrus otherwise.

SHOP NOW: VETRESKA Cat Scratching Post

A grey cat scratching a wall-mounted sisal scatcher

Wall-mounted Cat Scratching Post

Some cats won't touch a scratcher if it's even a little bit wobbly. For those cases this wall-mounted scratching post is perfect for those cats. It not only provides a secure surface for scratching it you can also adjust the height to suit your cat. That way your cat can get in that big stretch.

SHOP NOW: Wall-mounted Cat Scratching Post


A white water fountain for cats

Homerunpet Cat Water Fountain

Some cats are more enticed to drink from running water which is why water fountains are so great. It also filters the water for a constant stream of clean water. This fountain has a wireless pump so that there's no cords in the water. It does still need to be plugged in — it is not wireless.

SHOP NOW: Homerunpet Cat Water Fountain

A wood and ceramic elevated cat bowl

Havniva Ceramic Cat Bowl

This bowl has three configurations for height and adjustments for standing at a tilt or straight. Plus the ceramic bowl is removable for easy cleaning. The overall design is versatile for any space and allows your cat to not have to bend over to eat which is less stress on their neck.

SHOP NOW: Havniva Ceramic Cat Bowl


A round white fabric cat carrier with a mesh top

Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed

Sleepypod's Mobile Pet Bed does double duty. When not traveling you can unzip the top and allow the cats to lounge and get comfortable with the carrier. Then when it's time to go on holiday you have a secure mobile pet bed.

SHOP NOW: Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed

A brown tabby kitten in a tan heated covered cat bed

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Mod Dream Pod

If there's one thing we know about cats is that they love warmth. Make sure you get two of these heated cat beds if you have more than one cat so they don't fight over who gets to stay toasty this season.

SHOP NOW:  K&H Pet Products Thermo-Mod Dream Pod

A grey cat in a chunky knit grey round cat bed

K&H Pet Products Knitted Cat Bed

Chunky knit is not just for humans during the cooler months. Cat's also love snuggling up in it and making biscuits. This stylish chunky knit cat bed comes in a variety colors to match your decor.

SHOP NOW: K&H Pet Products Knitted Cat Bed

A brown tabby cat sitting in a sleek white top and side entry Modkat litter box

Modkat XL Litter Box

During the holidays with guests coming around you're probably like quick hide the litter box! However you don't have to with the Modkat litterbox. My guests don't even notice it and if they do they are surprised it's a litter box. Cats prefer to have their litter box in socially significant areas so this allows you to please your cats, you guests and yourself. See my in-depth Modkat Litterbox review here. Additionally make sure you have a good litter that takes care of smell. See what I use for litter here.

SHOP NOW: Modkat XL Litterbox


Orange cat sitting on top of a wood slated cat tower

Tuft + Paw Grove Cat Tower

Tuft + Paw's cat perches are second to none in design. They blend seamlessly with your decor so it's not so obvious you have a feline best friend. The gaps between the slats allow you cat to survey their territory from inside the tower or from high above on the faux shearling top. It comes in two sizes a 24" tall tower or a 41".

SHOP NOW: Tuft + Paw Grove Cat Tower

Two kittens playing in a three tiered floor to ceiling grey cat tower

Frisco Floor to Ceiling Cat Tower

This is a great renter friendly option for giving you cats vertical space and you can take it with your to your next space. It has three tiers which is perfect for multiple cats as well.

SHOP NOW: Frisco Floor to Ceiling Cat Tower


A cat clicker training set with instructional booklet

Cat School Clicker Training Kit

A great way to build a stronger bond with your cat is to clicker train them. Yes, cats can learn tricks and they're good at it too — anything from sit to high fives! This is a great kit for getting started and if you want more you can join Cat School for virtual lessons from Julie Posluns an Applied Animal Behaviorist.

SHOP NOW: Cat School Clicker Training Kit

SHOP NOW: Join Cat School

Cat Breed + Health Cat DNA Test

Basepaws Breed + Health Cat DNA Test

If you've ever been curious about what breeds and genes your wild feline friend might have try giving them a DNA Test. You can now swab your kitty's mouth and send it in to get the results about their breed and health. Check out what we thought of the process here.

SHOP NOW: Breed + Health Cat DNA Test


Multicolored AirTag holders on cat collars

Made By Cleo AirTag Holder

Is your cat a door dasher or an adventurer? Keep track of them with these stylish AirTag holders from Made By Cleo.

SHOP NOW: Made By Cleo AirTag Holder

A bengal cat weather a brown leather harness with an AirTag on the chest

Keepaws AirTag Cat Harness

Does you cat go out on adventures? Give them an extra layer of protection with this harness that holds an AirTag from Keepaws so they can easily be found if they get lost.

SHOP NOW: Keepaws AirTag Cat Harness

A graphic of a cat wearing a cork leather pink Supakit harness

Supakit Pink Cork Cat Harness

Want a sustainably made harness for traveling with your cat? Supakit has a range of cork cat harness that are both durable and stylish.

SHOP NOW: Supakit Pink Cork Cat Harness

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Want to win a custom cat wall makeover?

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